• High Confidence in Measurement
  • Automatic Field-Calibration/Validation
  • Long Sensor Life
  • Low Maintenance and Low Installation Cost
  • Inbuilt thin film capacitive sensor
  • 128 X 64 Graphics LCD Display embedded software for moisture calculation
  • Optional Sampling systems
  • Data Logger with RS 232- USB Computer Interface.


Model ATS-303D Process Moisture Analyzer Designed to Handle Rigorous Demands of Moisture Measurement in Natural Gas Applications, Provides Fully Automatic Self-Calibration Dew Point System, Provides Cost Effective Solution for Demanding and Critical Moisture Monitoring Applications.

The advantages of a linear high capacitance response are: better sensitivity, better repeatability and faster response times. Also, the measurement system is less prone to noise and drift, and signal conditioning is kept to a minimum.

The dew point meter is operated through a menu driven user interface consisting of a custom LCD display with backlight, and four push buttons.
This dew point system has proven to produce consistently accurate monitoring results for dew point in natural gas and other difficult hydrocarbon processing applications, where conventional analyzers have failed.


  • Natural Gas
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Catalyst Protection
  • Heat Treating
  • Industrial Gases
  • Dryer & Compressed Air


Principle   :  Thin Film Capacitive, Capacitive Aluminium Oxide
Range   :  Degree C, PPM & % RH
Resolution   :  0.1 Unit or 1 Unit (Application based)
Sampling Method   :  Direct Plug In
Display   :  128 X 64 Graphics LCD
Power Source   :  Built in Lithium Rechargeable battery Or 230V AC
Accuracy   :  +/2%
Response Time   :  <5 Second
Data Storage   :  5000 or 10000
Computer Interface   :  RS 232, USB
Anolog Output   :  4-20mA
Sensor Life   :  2-3 Years
Operating Time   :        6 – 8 hours
Temperature   :           15degree Celsius
Humidity   :  < 85%RH
Atmosphere Pressure   :  86-   106Kpa
Housing   :  High Impact Plastic
Dimension in mm   :  200 (W) X 120 (H) X 185(D)
Weight   :  1.5 KG
Warranty   :  One Year