• Microcontroller based embedded intelligent instruments
  • Continuous Monitoring of CO2 ,CH4, CO, O2, SO2, NOX (NO+NO2), H2, H2S, N2
  • Duel wavelength Infra red sensor for Long terms accuracy and  stability
  • Long Life  Electrochemical sensor
  • Six Gas Analysis in Single Analyser
  • Multi Parameter Single 320 X 240 Graphics LCD Display
  • Self diagnostic & Self integrity check
  • RS 232/RS 485 and USB Computer Interface
  • Excellent low level capability for NOX and SO2 Measurement
  • For most of the application sample gas is cooled and dried inside the sampling conditioning systems to avoid the Heated Sample Line.
  • Analog 4-20mA output for each gas
  • Software solutions for Gas Analysis
  • Web Based Real time data transfer with GSM/GPRS Technology


Model ATS- 208A Emission Analyzer continuously monitors the concentration of gases ranging from 100%V/V down to PPM level. Feature includes a duel wavelength sensor, Remote Sampling, Graphics LCD Display, adjustable level relay output for alarm and 4-20mA output for control purpose and minimal maintenance.
Special gas sample Conditioning systems are used to clean and dry the gas sample for accurate and High performance operation. An Internal Pump draw gas sample into the sensor through a dust particle filter from an intake which can be located at distance up to 40 meter form the monitor.
The Sensor and Electronic component are housed in tough aluminium housing


  • Metal heat Treatment
  • Boiler Systems
  • Cement & Lime Manufacturer 
  • Combustion Process
  • Hydrogen Cooled Alternators & Turbine  
  • Gasification & Syngas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Metal Heat Treatment Plant
  • Laboratories & Institutions
  • Flame Treatment Process & Chemical Industries
  • Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical Industries 


Principle   :  Electrochemical, TCD (Thermal Conductivity) , NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared ), Zirconium and Paramagnetic
Range   :  %V/V, % LEL, PPM, Mg/M3
Resolution   :  0.1 Unit or 1 Unit (Application based)
Sampling Method   :  Auto Suction
Gas Sampling Probe   :  Dia 8mm SS 316
Display   :  320 X 264 Graphic LCD
Alarm   :  Relay Contact NO+NC
Anolog Out Put   :  4-20mA
Digital Out Put   :  RS 232, RS 485 and Modbus Comminication Protocol
Power Source   :  230VAC
Accuracy   :  +/2%
Response Time   :  <5 Second
Data Storage   :  5000 or 10000
Computer Interface   :  RS 232, USB, RS485
Sensor Life   :  2-3 Years
Temperature   :           15degree Celsius
Humidity   :  < 85%RH
Atmosphere Pressure   :  86-   106Kpa
Dimension in mm   :  430 (W) X 150(H) X 250(D)
Weight   :  2.5 KG
Warranty   :  One Year