• Optical Scattering Technology
  • Graphics LCD
  • Measuring Range: 0.001-10mg/m3
  • Three Channel On single Window
  • Suitable For  PM10, PM2.5  PM1.0   
  • Long Life Li-ION Rechargeable battery
  • Computer Interface & Data Storage


Sampling dust and particulate matter is important as dust and particulate matter can affect the health of humans, as well as the natural environment. Dust and particulate matter can cause respiratory problems when breathed in by humans. Dust and particulates above 10 micrometer (PM10) are filtered and generally do not enter the lungs.

Dust and particulate matter that is smaller than 10 micrometers (PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0) can enter into the Alveoli where gas exchange occurs. This PM2.5 is more dangerous as it can affect the exchange of gases within the lungs and even penetrate the lung into the blood stream and cause other health issues.

PM10 , PM2.5  and PM1.0  are the normal sampling standards found throughout the world, they represent the particulate pollution that effects human health and thus sampling them provides an accurate insight into how dust and particulate matter effect human health.
Handheld/Portable PM Monitor is used to monitor the suspended Particulate concentration in the air with measuring range 0.001mg/M3 to 10 mg/M3. It adopts optical scattering technique.
This type of Product has many advantages, such as fast detection speed, high accuracy, light and small, easy operation, measuring and displaying of 3 channels at the same time. It adopts the method of automatic measurement, improving the work efficiency effectively.


  • Controlled Environments
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Process Control
  • Mining & Ore Processing
  • HVAC Application
  • Emission Sourcing
  • Filter Testing
  • Hospitals & Clinics


Measuring principle :      Optical scattering technology
Light Source :   Laser Diode
Detection Range :   0.001 – 10mg/m3
Display :   LCD
Size Channel :   PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0
Flow Rate :   2.83L/min (Imported Pump)
Sample Time :   0-9999s Selectable
Zero Count :   <=10min
Printer :   External thermal printer
Data Storage :   1000
Operating Time :   5 hours
Outside Dim :   130*220*45(Wide*High*Deep)
Weight :   0.6kg
Environmental :    
Temperature :   15degree Celsius
Humidity :   <85%RH
Atmosphere Pressure :   86-106Kpa