• Advanced detector for dust emissions and process flow applications
  • Easily selectable alarm threshold level and time delay
  • Two independent SPDT relay contacts for alarm indications with selectable fail-safe mode
  • Industrially hardened, noise resistant design; can operate on an ESP and other challenging applications  
  • Suitable for all particulates - accurate sensing method
  • virtually maintenance-free - low cost of ownership  
  • Suitable for virtually all dust collectors
  • Data Logger with RS232/485 and USB Computer Interface
  • Web based data Transfer through GSM/GPRS technology


A Dust particulate monitor is a device that is mounted in the discharge stack of a dust collector and continuously monitors the amount of particulate discharge.  The particulate monitor uses a technology known as Triboelectric or Triboelectricity. 
When two different materials come in contact, it is likely that one will leave with more electrons than it started with and the other will leave with less, this is called Triboelectric Effect.  The interaction between the probe and particles produces a charge transfer within the probe.  The charge is then converted to an output signal.
The advanced electronics of the Monitor detect this signal and present it to the operator via a modulating Graphical display.



Emissions (Dust Monitoring/Maintenance)

Turboelectric particulate matter measurement technology is proven to be the most reliable and cost effective, and sometime the only practical technology for particle flow monitoring.
Dust Monitor Model ATS-402P suite of turboelectric products is used by heavy industry to:
  • Create early-warning leak detection systems and avert major disasters in operations that use dust collector filter bags
  • Monitor, record, and track particle emissions for regulatory compliance
  • Optimize the dust collector maintenance schedule and production process


Applied monitoring equipment improves process efficiency for higher financial return

Provides reliable Flow or No Flow indications for many process applications such as:
  • Powder injection 
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Screw conveyor flow, etc.


Range   :   0-1000 Mg/M3
Sensor   :   Base Systems Style
Remote Sensor Enclosure:   :    Cost Aluminium, Electrostatically powder coating
Probe Material:   :   316 Stainless Steel (Slandered) other materials available
Insulator material:   :   Extended High Performance (PFA) Temperature up to 250 C Ceramic (High temperature up to 550 Deg C )
Electronics   :   18 – 32 V DC () at the unit
230V AC (Controller)
Output:   :   4-20mA & SPDT Relay
Probe Insertion length:   :   3” to 36” ( 7.6 Cm to 91.4 Cm)
Installation   :   Weld the supplied fitting into the pipe or Duct and insert Sensor
Sensor Mounting   :   Flanged
½” Male NPT
Quick release